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Pictures are worth a Billion words

Pictures are worth a Billion words

Our services accelerate collaboration, drive efficiencies, and consistently provide rapid, breakthrough results.  Our proven and innovative approaches solve challenging problems, enabling us to serve as trusted advisors, and build long-term relationships with Federal and commercial clients.

Our portfolio speaks for itself. Start working with the Falcon team today to discover what it means to make your software soar.

Case Studies

A small sample of previous success.  Let your next project "Set Soar"


Media Snap 


Black Bird
Product Lineup


Our cleared professionals are skilled at widget and application development in the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF).   The possibilities are endless.  This is just the beginning.


Want to know exactly where that Picture was taken - quickly? BlackBird Knows - Drag and Drop an image for instant results.

Drag multiple images to the drop zone and BlackBird will create a pictorial Timeline of not only where the pictures were taken but when.

Widgetized - Drag a photo from a widget window - drop it into the BlackBird widget - gelolcation is extracted from data in EXIF format for proper pin placement on the map!

Our award-winning graphic design team has created animation, logo, campaign material, technical design aides, 3D models, and more.  Find out why our clients always return to us once they have discovered the unmatched Falcon approach to quality.

3D Rendering

Training Aides

Animation and Fully Interactive Animated Flash Sites

Our E-Learning courses can be integrated into your Learning Management System (LMS) or SCORM compliant framework.  Below is just a sample of the numerous courses our talented staff has developed for the Navy, Marines, FBI, DOJ, and more.


CBT and Tech Manuals



Stand up Training

WBT with LMS Integration

We specialize in Android, Blackberry and iPhone implementations.  If you're in search of creating a product that will actually sell to the mobile marketplace we can show you the top 3 key elements most firms neglect.

Mobile CRM App

Mobile Application


The ultimate vocabulary expanding tool featuring over 1,300 commonly SAT tested vocabulary words. PrepMatters needed a design based on spaced-repetition and implicit learning research. The clean, streamlined interface has lead to improved sales and expansion into iPad and Android app Stores.  



Get your app in the store and start making money today

The PrepMatters initial release was completed in less than 30 days. Ready to make profit. Users quickly adopted the product and it became an overnight success.

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The Obama Campaign

We have utilized our innovative FULCRUM software process for several customers in the past, including the U.S Democratic Presidential Campaign Donation Processing System (DEMPROC). Falcon Logic provides consulting support to the The Synetech Group, the recognized leader in Democratic U.S. Presidential campaign contribution processing and donation management (serving every major Democratic presidential campaign since 1976). They were the central data warehouse for the Obama, Clinton, and Edwards 2008 campaigns. This system was used by the campaigns to process $1B+ campaign contributions totaling 20M individual donations.

Falcon Logic studied legacy ColdFusion, ASP, and VB6 based systems used in the 2004 campaigns, and provided recommendations for functionality improvements as well as a strategy for migrating to a new integrated .NET based solution. During the transition, Falcon Logic provided ongoing operational support and maintenance to the legacy systems. They developed complete systems architecture for DEMPROC including disaster recovery strategy, SOA and 3rd party integration, legacy systems integration, and interfaces with proprietary industrial hardware devices.

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U.S. Army

Falcon Logic was contracted by Field Data Technology to architect, develop, and maintain the mobile data collection and reporting application for the U.S. Army Program Executive Office Combat Support and Combat Service Support (PEO CS&CSS). The application collects corrosion inspection data of Army assets such as tanks and trucks including a detailed inspection of each sub-component. Data is collected on a Windows Mobile platform and synchronized with an ASP.NET website to provide asset tracking and reporting to management. Falcon Logic transitioned the initial solution from an MS Access based system to an ASP.NET and SQL Server implementation using C#. An advanced querying mechanism powering over 10 Crystal reports and online charts was developed for management reporting and asset tracking.

The Philadephia Eagles

The Eagles recently started a new social campaign targeted at their female fan base. The Falcon team was brought on to create a visually compelling site offering that would quickly build the fan base they were targeting. Additional NFL teams are interested in this new marketing niche and the Falcon approach to site design is well received.

3 Largest Risks of the Cheap Guys

Considering having your buddy do it?
Would you risk taking on a $14k proposal to get nothing? Of course not!  Get your project completed for a real price with a guarantee of delivery.

Top 3 Risks of going on the cheap:

  • Being sued by your clients for privacy breach because of negligant code
  • Lost clients due to security hacks
  • Customers turn elsewhere because of your non functioning application

Eliminating the risk is not only smart its critical to your business. Don't make the mistake of thinking that cheap software development is getting you somewhere.  Would you work on your own brakes and put your children in that car?  Inferior software logic will cost you thousands!

Having to explain every minute detail to an average developer will make Your blood boil!

Our clients don't have to submit rigorous technical documents on top of hours of technical design meetings. Our software engineers more than likely have built similar systems to yours and can actually make suggestions to improve your idea. We don't expect you to do all the work. Thats what you pay us to do.  We Build AND Design.

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