Optimize your Cloud Efforts

2 biggest mistakes in cloud transitions? Not adopting your applications to architectures that can be optimized in the cloud.

1) Container based architecture - After a basic "lift and shift" your focus needs to be in making your applications modular and able to operate within Docker containers. Your application will then be able to better utilize all of the cloud resources you are paying for vs spending money on allocated resources that are not being leveraged.

2) Serverless architecture - Your focus on your application optimization needs to center around making your applications more service/message oriented and able to easily adapt, integrate, and grow with different technology stacks. AWS lambda is one way you can build functions into your application without the requirement of a separate server for it to function. The move to serverless architectures will reduce your overall maintenance cost and make your applications easier to maintain.

Microservices and containers - why should you care?
Building your applications in this manner enables you to easily deploy them w ithout concern to configurations and dependencies across different environments. You eliminate the "worked on my box" problem. It further simplifies application scale ability and deployment of new versions.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

cloud Moving into the cloud is a perfect time to optimize your process. Our engineers have implemented today's latest tool sets and can help you achieve a development environment that is repeatable and reliable. Leverage your CI setup using automated testing to meet short delivery schedules and high availability.
Our engineers can assist with Jenkins, Nexus, Git, and similar tools to ensure you have a defined development process that meet mission needs.

How Can Falcon Help your Enterprise?

Agencies are demanding more specialized technical capabilities with the move to the cloud and cost saving measures through automated deployment and managed DevOps. Falcon Logic’s capabilities center on these capabilities and have successfully delivered them to the Intelligence Community since 2011.

Falcon web and DevOps solutions operate within IC ITE service provider standards. Our team has focused on Java based SOA solutions within frameworks such as the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (Di2E). Our engineers have built web based front ends that automate Puppet, Ansible, and CloudFormation scripts for VM deployment within the enterprise in today’s modern cloud infrastructures.

Case Studies

A small sample of previous success. Let your next project "Set Soar"

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