Cybersecurity Solutions

Our Cybersecurity engineers back your organization with years of experience working on projects for some of the world’s largest organizations.

Penetration Testing

Our engineers identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities before an intruder has the opportunity to infiltrate your systems. We uncover weaknesses on your network and applications and help you remediate and reduce risk.

Network Security Monitoring

Our engineers can implement a 24x7 Cybersecurity suite to include threat intelligence to detect attacks before a data breach.

Risk Management Framework Engineering Support

Our engineers assist in the implementation of an Information System Security Plan. We facilitate the system accreditation, and provide continuous monitoring support.


The Prepare step carries out essential activities at the organization, mission and business process, and information system levels to help prepare the organization to manage its security and privacy risks using the RMF.

Categorize System

Describe system authorization boundaries; assess system confidentiality, integrity & availability by low, moderate, or high-risk impact; define privacy requirements; initiate security plan.

Select Controls

Identify controls by category; tailor & supplement controls as appropriate; segregate common controls and hybrids from program responsible controls; define continuous monitoring approach.

Implement Controls

Document security controls & inheritance; assemble ATO package; conduct pre-assessment scans & tests; ensure controls are incorporated into new requirements.

Assess Controls

Authorizing Official or delegate approves assessment plan; program coordinates plan execution support; assessor determines security control effectiveness.

Authorize System

Prepare POA&M addressing vulnerabilities; assemble & submit the security authorization package; receive ATO or conditional ATO IATT.

Continuously Monitor

Continuously monitor security controls; analyze & document impact of all system changes; update POA&M; report changes to officials.