Microservice Engineering Gurus

Break the monolith of your traditional applications and integrate microservices to future proof your solution. Converting your apps to a microservices approach makes them more flexible, more stable, and far faster and easier to update.

Our approach creates a solution of a collection of services that are:

  • Highly maintainable and testable
  • Loosely coupled
  • Independently deployable
  • Organized around business capabilities
  • Owned by a small team

"The microservices we develop create government mission capabilities at the pace of commercial delivery"

Shazia Noreen, President

Many of our customers are faced with supporting legacy apps that do not fit well into the new cloud based service paradigm. Our engineers can assist you with migration as well as help you deliver applications that can support the missions of the future.

A microservice is a capability written to operate or share capabilities across a shared environment. The idea with a microservice is that you are able to build a quick capability while leveraging already developed applications within your organization.
Developing effective microservices can be more of an art than a science. The idea that a small lightweight application be capable of functions only previoulsy reserved for large scale client/server based applications is a strange concept to most developers. We leverage our experience in the Intelligence Community, DoD, and commercial sector, to deliver effective and creative applications to your end user.
At the core of the ability to build secure mashups is the Dojo toolkit.  Dojo leverages the window.name transport for efficient means of loading data from other domains with current browsers. The window.name transport provides an efficient secure mechanism for loading data and plays an important role as a foundation for client-side mashups for current and legacy browsers.
A mashup consumes data from multiple sources, performs operations upon the data, and outputs the data. Mashups are typically lightweight solutions built on an ad-hoc basis to solve problems at hand, quickly and to produce enriched results that were not the original reason for producing the raw source data.
Mashups are typically best used to solve lightweight, time-sensitive problems requiring data from multiple not necessarily connected sources. Mashups fill the gap between existing system capabilities, and having to rewrite a complete custom developed solution.

3 Critical Design Mistakes

  1. Architecture
    Ensure user interface logic is independent of business logic.  This will ensure maximum future reuse.
  2. Abstraction
    External interactions outside of the widget should be abstracted via an interface.  It's always easier to set a configuration parameter than to rewrite code.
  3. Design 
    Pay attention to the design of the user interface.  After all someone has to use this thing.  You can have the most elegant code ever written, but if your user interface is horrible nobody is going to use it.

Create Dashboards for your Workforce

Dashboards enable your users to have a central "toolbox" for common apps they are required to use in their daily tasking. This reduces new hire training and ensures staff is delivering consistent results utilizing the same mandated tool sets and procedures. Find out how our solutions will save your workforce time and you money in training costs.

How Can Falcon Help your Enterprise?

Agencies are demanding more specialized technical capabilities with the move to the cloud and cost saving measures through automated deployment and managed DevOps. Falcon Logic’s capabilities center on these capabilities and have successfully delivered them to the Intelligence Community since 2011.

Falcon web and DevOps solutions operate within IC ITE service provider standards. Our team has focused on Java based SOA solutions within frameworks such as the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (Di2E). Our engineers have built web based front ends that automate Puppet, Ansible, and CloudFormation scripts for VM deployment within the enterprise in today’s modern cloud infrastructures.

Case Studies

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